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Tick Twister Clipbox


Tick Twister Clipbox


Protect your Dog (or Human) from the scourge of the Tick whilst on the move!

Ideal for walks/camping/holidays - attaches easily to belts, backpacks and keyrings.

All the benefits of the original silicone grip handled Tick Twister, but now comes in a handy ClipBox. The new design enables you to always have a Tick Twister with you whilst out and about.

This design of Tick Twister is ideal for use when hands are wet, the silicone-grip handle enables you to be even more precise and safe, aiming to get the tick out in a single movement.

One of the safest ways to remove ticks without leaving the mouth parts of the tick implanted in the skin, and without using chemicals.

  • Each ClipBox contains two Tick Twisters, one for adult ticks and one for tiny nymph ticks. Cradles the tick’s body without compressing the abdomen
  • Minimises the transfer of tick-borne infections
  • Removes the tick quickly and painlessly
  • With a shaped handle and angled hook for ease of use
  • Can be used on people and animals
  • Can be disinfected or sterilised
  • Made from recyclable plastic which is resistant to ether and most solvents
  • Can be incinerated without producing pollutant chlorine fumes
  • 5 colours of Tick Twister to choose from
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Purple

This product is fantastic; cheap, colourful and effective.  It is incredibly simple to use and greatly benefits  pets who have unwelcome hitch hikers.
Dr April Mahoney Kinfauns Veterinary Centre.

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