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Ruff & Tumble Slip Lead in various colours


Ruff & Tumble Slip Lead in various colours 

New from Ruff and Tumble - Leads to match your drying coats!

Fabulous and stylish clip leads in eight colours co-ordinate with the famous Ruff and Tumble drying coats!

Made of soft woven fabric and over a metre long, they feel soft to hold and are easy to use. Pliable enough to pop into a pocket and with an adjustable slide on the slip leads, they are finished with leather bindings with colour matched top stitching and solid brass fixings.

Choose the Lead to match the Drying Coats in Heather, Sandringham Blue, Brick Red, Bottle Green, Mud, French Navy, Burgundy or Flint.

  • Soft to hold
  • Pliable enough to pop in a pocket
  • Strong solid brass fixings
  • Natural soft leather embossed bindings
  • Smart colour matched stitching
  • Suitable for use with all breeds
  • Length: 110cm   
  • Width: 1.4cm

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