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Morso Satin Lead Diamonds


Morso Satin Lead Diamonds

The Morso range of collars, leads and harnesses are made of super-soft yet extremely durable Italian Satin Ribbon.

The DIAMONDS dog leash is a powerhouse of carepracticality and safety.

It’s soft: made from satin to respect your hands.
It’s practical: the MORSO® snap hook clips on in a second.
It’s safe: the MORSO® snap hook is inspired by the world of mountaineering, so you can rely on it.

Soft TPE rubber, as used to make children’s toys, protects the crafted stitching, strengthened to ensure total safety.



The Diamonds leash washes easily and dries quickly.

Machine washable at 40 degrees


SIZE S | Ideal for dogs such as Chihuahua, Maltese, Pinscher and similar
LENGTH | 120 cm • WIDTH| 1,5cm

Morso® - Guinzagli per cani Made in Italy

SIZE S/M | Ideal for dogs such as Jack Russell, Beagle, Cavalier King, French Bulldog and similar
LENGTH | 120 cm • WIDTH| 1,5cm

SIZE L | Ideal for dogs such as German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Border Collie and similar
LENGTH | 100 cm • WIDTH | 2,5cm

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