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Lord Lou Quinten Dog Bed - Grey/Brown


Designer Dog Bed Quinten

Lord Lou have over thirty years experience in furniture and interior design and share our mission to supply beautiful things for dogs.

Their focus is a simple one - concentrate on design, style, quality and functionality....

Royal Highnesses sleep better in great designer dog beds, such as Lord Lou’s Quinten. Great comfort comes from great ease. Let your Excellency sink its paws into the faux fur and jersey fabric of the cushion while laying its head to rest on the soft woven outer base. Canines spend a significant part of their day resting or sleeping in their dog bed. So, give them something to dream of; give them a designer dog bed. If our Quinten doesn’t guarantee a good rest, we’re not sure what will.

Available at woofers & barkers in three sizes to suit all breeds and in two colours -  Grey/ Grey and Grey/Brown

Quinten’s Washable Cushion

We all know most dogs like to get as dirty as possible. Rolling in the mud, jumping in puddles, or even a short swim in an ice-cold sea. With the Quinten dog bed, worrying about dirt is no longer necessary. Its inner cushion is made of water-repellent material, making sure water and dirt remain on the outside, while the inner material preserves its softness. In the event of your canine getting the material dirty anyway, the covers of the cushion, as well as the bed, can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius.

Stylish Dog Bed for any Interior

Designer Dog Bed Quinten’s uniquely woven outer base gives the dog bed its contemporary feel, while its natural and earth-toned colours suit any interior. Because of its darker tones, dirt and hairs easily blend in. While you enjoy the design and looks of the Quinten, your dog will enjoy the perfect, soft rest. After a long run or walk, its Quinten will, without a doubt, be a sight for sore eyes.


Upholstery:  100 % polyester
Cushion filling:  polyurethane
Colour: Brown / Grey


Small Length 75cm, Width 60cm, Depth 15cm
Medium Length 90cm, Width 65cm, Depth 15cm
Large Length 100cm, Width 75cm, Depth 15cm


Covers and bed can be machine washed at 40 degrees


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