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LED Safety Collar Tag-It Lights


LED Safety Collar Tag-It Lights

Keep you and your dog safe in the dark and in low visibility conditions with these LED safety lights by Adventure lights.

These lights are visible from 3 miles (5k), Impact resistant, waterproof to 100m with a battery life of 250 hours.

They also have dual function settings (static or flashing) and have a spring-loaded carabiner design making them easy to clip on and off your dog's collar or harness.

It can also be used for a host of other activities such as camping, running, cycling, swimming, wakeboarding, boating, surfing and skiing.


  • Lightweight

  • Karabiner allows it to be easily attached to rucksacks, handles, clothing, belt loops etc

  • Built to withstand 50 pound force

  • Can be used in steady-on or flashing mode

  • Dimensions: 58 x 34 x 26mm

  • Weight: 20g

  • Storage temp: -20 - +65 degrees Celcius

  • Waterproof rating: 100m

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