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Eco Hound Med/Large Poo Bag with Tie Handles - Single Roll


Eco Hound Med/Large Poo Bag with Tie Handles - Single Roll

Product description

Ecohound Medium, Medium/Large Bags On A Roll With Tie Handles - The largest bag with tie handles on a roll available in the world of dog poo bags.

New from our Ecohound range of dog waste bags our medium/large eco friendly dog waste bags with easy tie handles. Each handy roll contains 15 dog waste bags

We have put the best of all bags together to bring you these new dog waste bags.

Dark green in colour and opague - hiding what you pick up Unscented - no funny smells or perfumed poop Large With Tie Handles - one of the first MEDIUM/LARGE bags on a roll with tie handles On A Roll - pop in your pocket or in a poo bag dispenser and just tear of as and when required. Most importantly ECO FRIENDLY like all our own branded dog waste bags

Dimensions And Thickness - bag length with handles 36 cm. Width once fully open at widest point (just below handles) 23 cm, 15 micron In thickness

Please note on the roll as you take them off they do look smaller due to the way they are folded to fit on the roll, open them up to reveal their true size.

* Listening to the needs of our customers we decided to take up this poo bag challenge. This is the biggest bag you will get with tie handles on a roll, after months and months of testing, working with different bag dimensions both in width and length then trying to fit on a nice little dispenser roll this is our end result. REDUCE YOUR CARBON PAW PRINT Ecohound dog waste bags an eco friendly choice in dog waste bags.

*Also avilable in boxes of 375 (25 x 15) for the same price (25 x £0.55 = £13.75).


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