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Dogs and Horses Rolled Leather Collar - Tan


Dogs and Horses Rolled Leather Collar - Tan

Handmade in London and made of the finest quality European leather, this rolled leather collar is the ultimate in quality and is available in sizes to suit most breeds and will age beautifully.

Crafted in their London studio, Dogs and Horses strive to create the finest collars and leads in the world using artisan craftsmanship and the highest quality materials.

In a classic tan with classic solid brass buckle and D ring with a matching lead also available.

Features :

  • Rolled leather to protect the coat and prevent knots from forming
  • Ideal for dogs with a long or curly coat
  • Soft smooth leather for your dog's comfort
  • Leather is a natural product so won't irritate sensitive skin
  • Handmade in London at the D&H studio
  • Stitched, NOT riveted - true craftsmanship
  • Stitching is Lifetime Guaranteed - unrivalled service
  • Extra strong for durability - so you don't have to go to the trouble and expense of replacing your dog's collar after a short time 
  • Colour-fast fine European leather, battle-tested against the elements, long-lasting 
  • Solid brass or nickel-plated brass fittings to ensure strength of the collar and security of your dog

Sizing :

Please measure your dog accurately to ensure a perfect fit.

Width of collar :

Small/Medium sizes approx 1cm width / Larger sizes approx 1.5cm width

Collar sizes below with neck circumference and total length of collar


  • XS 24 - 32cm (total length 37cm)
  • S 28 - 36cm (total length 42cm)
  • M 35 - 43cm (total length 48cm)
  • ML 41 - 49cm (total length 55cm)
  • L 47 - 55cm (total length 60cm)
  • XL 51 - 59cm (total length 65cm)

Care :

Do not allow leather to come into contact with the chemicals of a 'spot-on' flea treatment. This will damage the leather. If leather gets wet, allow to air-dry completely before re-use. Do not dry on a radiator. To clean leather, use saddle soap. Leather will also benefit from restoratives made with beeswax. Metal fittings can be polished with Brasso or similar (keep all chemicals away from dogs).

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