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Dog Cooling Vest - Grey Camo


Dog Cooling Vest - Grey Camo

Introducing the Dog Cooling Vest by Dogsnug - the ideal companion to keep your dog cool on hot days!

Ultra- light, comfortable and mega cool, the cooling vest works by evaporation. Just soak in water and the high-tech sportswear fabric will cool your dog's vital organs. 

In a cool grey camouflage this stylish cooling vest is sure to turn heads whilst keeping your pooch cool....

The cooling vest is designed to cool your dog where it matters: it covers the chest and vital organs and leaves the rest of the body free to move, play and do what dogs do.  The chest piece is inter-lined with a highly absorbent material and lined with a high-tech sportswear stretchy fabric designed to pull heat off the body.  

The vest is capable of staying cool for up to 2 hours on a hot day, but please soak as often as required  dependant on outside temperature.

The elasticated neck, legs and chest keep the temperature cool inside the garment whilst allowing flexibility of movement..


Suitable for all dog breeds and available in five sizes - please measure the chest circumference of your dog accurately to ensure a perfect fit.


Chest Circumference


30cm -  44cm


40cm - 56cm


51cm - 69cm


65cm - 80cm


75cm - 98cm



The cooling vest is very low maintenance, just pop it in your washing machine at no more than 30ºC. Please do not tumble dry or iron. 

Made in England with an obsessive desire for perfection.....

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