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Candy Cane Rope Toy


Candy Cane Rope Toy


Show your dog how much you love them at Christmas time with the Best in Show Candy Cane Rope toy from the Grin 'N' Tear It range.

Ideal as a stocking filler for smaller dogs or puppies - Did you know that they actually clean your dogs teeth as they chew and floss them as they toy frays.

Your doggy dentist’s best friend, the brilliantly named Grin and Tear It range of toys actually polishes and flosses your dog’s teeth as they fray during playtime.

The toys are also perfect for teething puppies - Simply soak the toy in water, pop it in a bag and freeze overnight for instant soothing and calm. These Healthy and Wholesome chew toys are a real firm - and frayed - favourite with the Best in Show pet tester team.

*Bone & Heart Toy also available

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