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Beautiful Joes Liver Treats 50g - Sold in aid of Dogs in need


Beautiful Joe's air dried 100% Liver treats

These tasty treats are are made from 100% British free-range ox liver with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Dogs go crazy for Beautiful Joe's treats and their small size means they are perfect for training and walks.

Beautiful Joe's are pure liver dog treats with nothing else added. They have been very slowly air dried so that their delicious meaty flavour is locked in to make them extra scrumptious.

These liver treats are made using British beef which is free range and/or organic and wild (where possible). All the farms used are visited in person to make sure they meet Beautiful Joe's exacting animal welfare standards, and this is what makes them such ethical dog treats.


The Beautiful Joe's tin (sold seperately) not only looks fabulously retro but is perfect for keeping in your pocket. It won't take long at all for your dog to come running every time they hear it rattle!

For every bag of treats sold, Beautiful Joe's donate an equivalent amount of liver treats to a dog rescue home and we have nominated Dogs Trust in Snetterton so by buying a packet, you're helping to brighten a rescue dog's day. 

Details: 100% Ox Liver

Treats: 50g bag

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