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Airy Vest LUMI Orange/Green


AiryVest Lumi

Introducing - Airy Vest Lumi the first glow in the dark jacket for those dark winter nights and early mornings..........

Due to a special light accumulating coating, one side of these reversible jackets truly does glow in the dark making your dog more visible, safe and protected during the hours of darkness.

Previously, the USA's largest pet industry magazine "Pet Business" recognised the Airy Vest jacket as the best pet product of the year in the category of dog apparel!

The lightest ever......

AiryVest is the world’s lightest dog jacket and it also combines unique style and functionality. The reversible design gives you an obvious additional benefit - you get two jackets in one!


   It is excellent for active dogs due to the freedom of movement they enjoy because of the lightness and flexibility of the design. It is also ideal for simply keeping dogs warm and dry in cold and wet weather.

  • Ultra light. Weight is from 45 g/1.6 oz (small size) to 200 g/7 oz (large size).
  • Refined design.
  • Reversible construction
  • Compact bag for storage and transportation.
  • High quality reversible zipper provides super easy fastening.
  • Suitable for most dog breeds. Simply review the sizing guide and select the size that fits best


To determine the Airy Vest jacket size, please carefully and accurately measure your dog as shown below to ensure a perfect fit.

*The breeds listed are for guidance only.

Recommended for toy terrier, chihuahua


Recommended for yorkshire terrier, toy terrier, chihuahua


Recommended for yorkshire terrier, chihuahua, dachshund, poodle


Recommended for pug, french bulldog, pekingese


Recommended for miniature pinscher, chinese crested, griffon, poodle


Recommended for west highland, jack russell, poodle, cocker spaniel


Recommended for french bulldog, english bulldog, boston terrier


Recommended for beagle, cocker spaniel, dachshund


Recommended for cocker spaniel, border collie, whippet


Recommended for english bulldog, shar pei, pit bull terrier


Recommended for staffordshire terrier, labrador retriever


Recommended for rottweiler, german shepherd, labrador retriever, cane corso


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