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Lord Lou Oxford Pillow Bed - Anthracite


Oxford Pillow Bed

Lord Lou have over thirty years experience in furniture and interior design and share our mission to supply beautiful things for dogs.

Their focus is a simple one - concentrate on design, style, quality and functionality....

Crown your king or queen with the cushy Oxford pillow bed. The more observant among you may notice the extraordinary detailing. At Lord Lou, we know that absolute luxury is all in the detail! From the quilted ornamental seams to the authentic Lord Lou Label, the Oxford will give any interior a luxurious touch whether classic or contemporary.

Available in three sizes to suit all breeds and available at woofers & barkers in Anthracite and Dark grey.

Maximum Comfort 

Due to the inner cushion, the middle part of the pillow is lower than the edges. This ensures maximum comfort for your four-legged royal highness. The soft pillowcase is both bold as it is humble. Bold, because we’ve made it of durable material: just as unbreakable as the bond between you and your pet. Humble, because the earth tone colours match with any kind of interior. 


Fabric:  100% polyester
Cushion filling:  100% Microfibre
Colour: Anthracite - also available in Dark Grey



Small : Length 70cm, Width 50cm, Depth 16cm
Medium : Length 90cm Width 70cm, Depth 18 cm
Large : Length 110cm, Width 90cm,  Depth 18 cm



Inner cushion can be machine washed on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees.

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