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Cloud 7 Cozy Fishbone Dark Grey Dog Bed


Cloud 7 Cozy Fishbone Ash Grey Dog Bed

The COZY Dog Bed definitely lives up to its name.

The durable and high-quality fishbone fabric creates a beautiful interior look while surrounding seams make sure that this stylish dog bed stays in shape for years.

The comfortable and soft mattress yields to the dog’s weight and lets it sink right into the perfect cuddly and luxurious spot.

Besides the supple and robust fishbone fabric and delicate styling details, wider piping adds extra stability making the COZY Dog Bed a modern classic in your stylish interior for many years to come.



Dog Bed Cozy

All sizes in cm ( L x W x H )

Size S Outside dimension 65 x 45 x 23
Weight of dog* up to approx. 7 kg
Size M Outside dimension 80 x 60 x 24
Weight of dog* approx. 6 - 16 kg
Size L Outside dimension 100 x 80 x 25
Weight of dog* approx. 14 - 35 kg


*For general guidance only - please contact us if you require further help or advice



Cover: 100% Polyester

Mattresss Cover: 100% Cotton from organic cultivation

Mattress: Latex and polyester flakes mix
Loop: 100% Cotton


Cover: 30 degree delicate machine wash
Mattress: 30 degree delicate machine wash (not suitable for dryers)

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