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Puller Training Toy



Puller Training Toy

PULLER – is the innovative fitness tool for dogs developed by professional cynologists.

It’s a set of two purple rings that provides daily active training and also an opportunity for parent's to gain a bond with their dog.

PULLER gained fame and recognition among trainers and dog owners due to the unique concept of the two rings. A set of activities and exercises based on two PULLER rings and tandem technique, the owner + dog and two PULLER rings significantly improves the understanding between the dog and the owner whilst improving the fitness of both!

Available in three sizes to suit all breeds:


For dogs of small and medium-sized breeds weighing from 5 to 15 kg, as well as puppies weighing more than 5kg.

Diameter: 18cm

Thickness: 2cm

Weight of each ring: 59g


For dogs weighing from 10 to 30 kg. Also suitable as an intermediate size for training large breed puppies.

Diameter: 19.5cm

Thickness: 3cm

Weight of each ring: 110g


For dogs of large breeds weighing from 25 to 50 kg.

Diameter: 28cm

Thickness: 4cm

Weight of each ring: 245g

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